Neuropsychological aspects of chronic pain

Title:Neuropsychological aspects of chronic pain
Author(s):Lance M. McCracken, Miles Thompson
Outlet:Neuropsychological Assessment of Work-Related Injuries
Abstract Summary:From the chapter – The chapter briefly presents a review of psychological and neuropsychological aspects of chronic pain. It begins by presenting research into the prevalence of chronic pain and its impacts on both emotional and general daily functioning. It next reviews the literature on complaints of impaired cognitive functioning in chronic pain followed by a review of the literature on directly assessed neuropsychological performance. It briefly touches on an area of current controversy, effects of opioid analgesics. A review of current treatment approaches will be done. A concluding section will attempt, once again briefly, to organize these various streams around the model of behavior underlying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
Keyword(s):Chronic pain, neuropsychology, psychology, ACT
Reference:McCracken, L. M., & Thompson, M. (2012). Neuropsychological aspects of chronic pain. In S. S. Bush & G. L. Iverson (Eds.), Neuropsychological Assessment of Work-Related Injuries (pp. 243-262): Guilford Press.
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