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All fine things, but some of these might not make it easy to access the work itself. This page, indeed this website, is here to try and make sure anyone can access things Miles has published free of charge. In short, if you want a copy of anything Miles has written use the table below. Just click on the relevant title and it should take you to a place where you can download it.

If, for any reason, you still can’t get hold of it – please just contact him here.

2023ArticleCritical community psychology: The perceptions of UK undergraduate psychology students
2023ArticleClimate change and community psychology: exploring environmental and wider social challenges
2023ArticleHealth professionals’ perspectives on psychological distress and meeting patients’ support needs in rheumatology care settings: A qualitative study
2022BookContribution to: “No more baby sharks! Climate change messages from Bristol children”
2022Poster (as article)P289 The effectiveness of interventions to reduce psychological distress in patients with autoimmune rheumatic conditions: A systematic review of effectiveness
2022ArticleUK clinical and community psychology: Exploring personal and professional connections
2022ArticleExploring the role of contextual behavioural science variables and education in the prosocial domain of global poverty and human rights
2022ArticleStudent mental health in higher education: The contextual influence of “cuts, competition & comparison”
2021ArticleNavigating entry into higher education: the transition to independent learning and living
2022ArticleExploring which aspects of a low-intensity CBT intervention were found to contribute to a successful outcome from the service user point of view: A mixed methods study
2021Poster (as article)POS1472-HPR Clinicians’ perspectives on psychological distress and meeting patients’ support needs in rheumatology care settings
2020LetterStashing behaviour in a Herring Gull
2018ArticlePreliminary psychometric properties of the Everyday Psychological Inflexibility Checklist
2018ArticleA qualitative analysis of patient-identified adaptive behaviour changes following interdisciplinary Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for chronic pain
2017ArticleUsing conceptual developments in RFT to direct case formulation and clinical intervention: Two case summaries
2015ArticleInterpreting and inverting with less cursing: A guide to interpreting IRAP data
2015ArticlePoverty: third wave behavioral approaches
2014ArticlePsychology and poverty reduction: a global special issue
2014ArticleLondon gets in on the ACT
2014ArticleParental behaviour in paediatric chronic pain: a qualitative observational study
2012ArticleThe patient-provider relationship in chronic pain
2012ChapterNeuropsychological aspects of chronic pain
2011LetterHPC standards anomaly?
2011ChapterBias, prejudice, and disparities in health care
2011ChapterAcceptance and commitment therapy for chronic pain
2011ArticleAcceptance and related processes in adjustment to chronic pain
2011ArticlePsychological advances in chronic pain: a concise selective review of research from 2010
2010ArticleRelaxation and mindfulness in pain: a review
2009ArticleConsidering the implication of variations within delphi research
2009ArticleReviewing ecopsychology research: exploring five databases and considering the future
2009ArticleComponents of mindfulness in patients with chronic pain
2008AbstractCognitive behavioral components of mindfulness in patients with chronic pain
2008ArticleMindfulness with children and adolescents: effective clinical application
2007LetterComment on Nicholas and Asghari: Pain 2006; 124; 269-79
2007ArticleACT: a new acronym you need to know about
2007ArticleExploring the trainees’ view of a socio-political approach within UK clinical psychology
2005PaperThe concepts, values and ideas of Critical Community Psychology