Reviewing ecopsychology research: exploring five databases and considering the future

Title:Reviewing ecopsychology research: exploring five databases and considering the future
Author(s):Miles Thompson
Abstract Summary:This brief article aims to provide an overview of the current dispersal of the term ecopsychology within the academic literature. It summarizes the results found when entering the term ecopsychology into five academic databases. The numbers of hits are discussed and comparisons are made with other related terms. The results are further broken down to provide a snapshot of the type of material referred to in these searches. A more detailed inspection of the material referenced in journal articles is undertaken. Here, popular outlets and dates of publication are highlighted. A final search for articles that report original research data directly associated with ecopsychology is also reported. Possible reasons for the low yield and the implications of this are highlighted along with suggested pathways forward.
Reference:Thompson, M. (2009). Reviewing ecopsychology research: Exploring five databases and considering the future. Ecopsychology, 1, 32-37. doi:10.1089/eco.2008.0007
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